Tuesday, June 05, 1990

A Retrospective: Part I: The Last Lion: The Robert James Fischer Saga

Part one of our twenty-six part Annenberg CPB Project funded and critically acclaimed series:
The Last Lion: Robert James Fischer.
Over the course of the next month we will be bringing Delino readers a new insight each morning by this giant among men.

Over the course of twenty-six days, this sumptuous PBS documentary from 1990 chronicles the history of Fischer from his earliest roots through the end of the 20th century. This is not, however, a documentary solely about Fischer; it is instead an in-depth look at the history of his interaction with the world at large, a look at how he shaped communities around him and how the communities around him have shaped all men. Host Eric Brandon, who has served as the United States official goodwill ambassador to the U.N., is authoritative and knowledgeable in his explications. Using paintings, artifacts, modern cinematography of chess sites, readings, and theatrical music, Brandon brings drama and tension to events long past. The spanning of five millennia of chess history necessitates at times briefer detail than a viewer may like, yet it also provides a sampling of history that may provoke the viewer into seeking more information. This marvelous series should be experienced by anyone who desires a greater understanding of the Western world and the role of Bobby Fischer in shaping it.

"Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent's mind." -- Bobby Fischer

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