Monday, February 28, 2005

Financial Aid

All my loyal readers have been waiting for me to take a stand on this controversial issue. Here is my take- this is an argument over something like $4,000 per student. Yale is so rich that it should pay for this pittance. That being said, if they want to make disadvantaged students work for their contribution, they have a right to. Financial Aid is not a right, but a privilege.

For the people who hissed at President Richard Levin when he said "this issue affects only about 200 students," fuck you. President Levin, like Harvard President Larry Summers, is being unfairly maligned because he is an economist who looks at situations rationally, unlike the rabid PC-gestapo who insists "you can't say look at any issue concerning women seriously because something negative might come up," and "200 students is 200 too many, you crass rich asshole." Both of these situations are tempests in a teapot, stirred up by the pliant liberal media. Summers made the perfectly valid point that there are many factors which account for the disparity between men and women in the sciences , one of which may be a narrower spectrum of scientific talent, with a higher average for women but more instances of extremely high and extremely low levels for men. Similarly, Levin was correct in downplaying the overall significance of this aid issue before he discussed what he would do about it.
The world isn't always fair. That's a fact of life and of economics. So yes I eat Gourmet Heaven sandwiches every day, go to the fine restaurant Pacifico twice in one week, and buy overpriced microbrews at BAR, while someone on heavy financial aid has to work 20 hrs a week at the library just to make ends meet. Because even though I've never really worked a day in my life, my dad is a successful Park Avenue lawyer. That's the American Way. Of course I am against the estate tax, it's insane. What do you want, communism? That being said, if I had to work in the dining hall and saw this lazy, arrogant, rich kid put his silverware in the trash can instead of down the chute, I'd probably buy a ski mask, sneak into his room at night and rob him, then kill him. In fact, I'm shocked that this doesn't happen more often.

So I guess my point is, thank god I'm lucky, and if I was on financial aid, I'd be complaining too instead of spouting pseudo-right wing ideological arguments.

NB: Also if I was on financial aid, i wouldn't work, I'd make my money playing poker or through sports betting. To those on aid who are reading this, is the easiest poker site, and Cleveland Cavaliers to score first is always a good bet. Also, don't pay attention to the part about killing me.

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