Friday, February 25, 2005


Well, I met Kumar from "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" at BAR tonight. Apparently his real name is Kal. Right, like I'd ever call him anything other than Kumar. Todd Schneider kissed his ass completely, laughing at evertyhing he was saying- I think he may have at one point said, "Oh you, Kumar." Me, I was on the periphery of the Kumar media circus. I plan on actually talking to him a little more tomorrow. BAR has quite a stable of minor celebrities, from Fran Kranz to Charlie Korsmo (Dick Tracy, What About Bob, Ten Things I Hate About You) to now Kumar. It's great how you can be in one idiotic movie and be a celebrity but if you're a very accomplished physicist you have no name recognition. What an amazing country we live in.

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Anonymous said...

youre the one going to BAR to see Kumar, and not going to see Murray Gell-Mann lecture on Proton structure. What amazing country lives in YOU!