Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Digital Divide

The Economist has a great article about how the Western world and the Third World are getting farther and farther apart in levels of technology/knowledge. Along these lines, it is a tragedy that little tikes like this don't get to read NotAboutDelinoDeshields. If they don't know squash rankings, separated at birth connections, science corner facts, and amusing anecdotes, then how are they going to compete in the increasingly wired global job marketplace? Returning to my previous post, imagine a different job interview, this time with little Nduku of Zimbabwe rather than Unidentified Lesbian:

Employer: OK, you're doing great Nduku. Now last question, pretty standard stuff, what celebrity does Dylan Gadek resemble?

Nduku: (blank stare) cluck-cluck-cluck

Employer: Oooh, I'm sorry, the answer was dearly departed comic legend John Candy. That one was kind of a dealbreaker, Nduku.

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