Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Questions about homeless people

Homeless people have it bad, and I occasionally give them money. But if I could get one of them to answer a few questions of mine, I'd give them a crisp 20. Any homeless people reading this blog, pay attention.
1) Where do homeless people masturbate? This is a very private matter, where can they find a little spot for this? This would easily be my third concern if I was homeless, after food and shelter. Especially with the lack of entertainment options for the homeless.
2) Do they not shower ever, or are there occasional showers? Because if they never shower, that really sucks. When I go 2 days without showering, i'm all itchy and agitated and feel gross, so imagine going months. If that's the situation, I don't blame homeless people for being aggressive or pissed off or even killing people. This aspect is worse than the freezing cold in my mind.
3) Are there marketing gurus giving tips to homeless people on panhandling, or do they just have to wing it on their own? Personally, I like the "i'm not homeless I just need a quarter to use the phone" approach which doesn't work on me per se but could fool a lot of more naive folks.

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Anonymous said...

you should read Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell