Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Racism by minorities/ Kung Fu

The great myth about racism is that white people are the most racist ethnic group. In fact this is far from the truth. I would argue that Asians are in fact the most racist. Based on anecdotal evidence from my Asian friends, many of their parents see black people as sub-human organisms. (Not to mention the many inter-Asian conflicts between Chinese and Japanese and all other Asians and Koreans). Black people do not on the whole hate Asians, they rather see them as comical. But as further evidence of the Asian derogatory view of black people, take the classic NES game Kung Fu. The game is based on the Bruce Lee movie Game of Death, which features Lee battling several "bosses" including Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Now Abdul Jabbar as you all know was lanky, intelligent, and lithe. Yet in the video game, Jabbar gets transformed into a fat, dumb, black guy whose only way of fighting is to make occasional really strong kicks and punches. I can imagine how this decision went down:

Takashi: Yes, third boss is fat stupid dark man, just rike Kaleem Abdur Jabbal.

Hideki: Mo rike Kaleem Abdur Gorirra. Hahahaha!

Hideyoshi: Actuarry, Jabbal very smart man. Well versed in rerigion, from Koran to Confucius.

Hideki: Nobody ask you. Go back to figuring out how to make graveyard impossible to find in Regend of Zelda.

NB: Jews, of course, are not racist at all.


Anonymous said...

good...we need more NES references, the more obscure the better...

The ACTUAL God said...

hideki sort of loses his accent there