Thursday, April 07, 2005

Class Day Speaker

Last year Harvard had Ali G as Class Day Speaker, but we have Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton. She is from Washington, D.C. so her vote doesn't even count. I tried to send a sarcastic e-mail to the entire class but I don't think it worked, so here's the gist of it

"OH MY GOD! I never thought the day would come, but finally I will be able to see Eleanor Norton speak in person. I can't believe you got her, she must have dozens of competing offers. I've been following her career for over a decade, so its just so exciting to be a part of this. Especially because she's a woman of color which is just so amazing. I can imagine her truly moving speech, 'My great-grandparents were slaves in Georgia. Think about that. Now I'm here, holding a sinecure, spouting liberal platitudes about equality and boring a group of mostly rich mostly white kids to death. Things have truly come full circle. Also, it looks like I might have a moustache in that picture on NotAboutDelinoDeshields. Just to clarify so there aren't any misunderstandings I want to say right now, YES I do have a moustache. I'm trying to grow a handlebar, Rollie Fingers-style but its a little thin right now.' Final thought, just great job search committee. You got Norton! NORTON!"

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