Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fat Latino Women v. Fat Black Women

Went to Mory's today, which if you are not familiar with it is a very "Old Yale" place which has old wood tables and serves unidentified alcohol and shitty food to young and elderly blue blood types who are inbred zombies who have no warm blood but rather feed off young sacrifices in order to stay alive. Anyway, my waitress was a surly fat Latino woman. That reminded me of my high school days (before I escaped and bought good food every day) when the cafeteria workers were similarly fat and surly Latino women. Why are fat Latino women so surly? Fat black women may be sassy sometimes, but they are good-natured and jovial. Why the difference there? I think it's the media, who has many instances of good-natured fat black women (Oprah, Star Jones, Della Reese, Big Momma's House) whereas there are no jovial fat latino women on TV or in movies.

Another point here, Ariel (I think) pointed out that there was talk last year of the Yale administration trying to provoke a race war between Latinos and Blacks by hiring Latinos as dining hall worker scabs to replace African-Americans (see, I can be PC). Here's the question- who wins in this theoretical race war? Blacks have the strength and speed, but Latinos are quick and wily and grow moustaches when they're 10 (that has to count for something). I put the odds at Blacks -120/Latinos +100. Any takers?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, it was me, not Ariel, that was talking about that.