Monday, May 23, 2005

UF Chess Tournament 2005: This one's for the ladies

As Tom, Al, Dan, Dan's assistant, and Dan's assistant's assistant were living it up and collecting free pens at the All-America Blog Expo (New Orleans, LA, May 15-17 2005) I was consulting with a few people about the comeback of the UF Chess Team (Southeast Conference Finalists 1954, 1957), the slav defense, strategy, gambits etc. Specifically, Jude Acers (The greatest chess lecturer, exhibition player of all time -more than 1,000 exhibitions in 46 States and 5 countries. Twice World Record holder (public simultaneous play in simultaneous start) Certified by GUINNESS BOOK of WORLD RECORDS vs 117 opponents (Lloyd Center Portland Oregon 1973 vs 179 opponents (Mid Island Plaza New York July 2-3, 1976) ) and Johnny of Antoines (read: Chef Paul Prudhomme with an extra X chromosome) . In order to receive a complete sentence of advice, Jude wanted to charge me five dollars for each noun or verb, but "possesive adjectives" were free. I didn't have the money because I blew it all at the Clam's Casino a fortnight ago. So I went to the second best pastry chef in town, Johnny. Of little assistance, I walked the streets, ate a beignet and came up with ideas for some posters for the Fall 2005 Invitational. Enjoy.

We'll also be putting on a workshop after the Tourney, if you're interested then shoot me an e-mail to see if seating is still available. We'll be covering some basics, as well as the latest research into openings and end-game. Presentations on the following will also be available for those who are interested:

The Italian Game
Playing Black against 1.e4 Openings
Petroff's Defense
Philidor's Defense
The Ruy Lopez
The King's Gambit
The Modern Italian Game
Closed Sicilian with ... e5
Playing Black against 1. d4: The Dutch Stonewall
The Isolated Queen's Pawn in the Queen's Gambit Accepted
The Blackmar-Diemer Gambit
The Indian Defense
Custer's Last Stand (Playing Anti-Indian systems: an introduction for White)
Beating the Anti-Indians: (Playing Black against Anti-Indian systems)

We would also like to extend to you an invitaiton to attend a Master's Tea with Jerry Hopfer former editor-at-lage of Kings Korner and Correspondence Chess Quarterly on the evening prior to Tournament competition. He will be lecturing on the fallacies of Maxwell Lawrence's Transcedental Chess Theory. Refreshments will be served starting at 7:00 pm and the lecture will begin at 7:30 pm.

Things have also been going pretty good over at the University of Florida's official chess publication, Gambit Magazine. Just recently we received a call letting us (my self and the other contributing writers who were handpicked from the cream-of-the-crop of UF chess talent) know that our review of Antoine's is featured on the Accolades portion of their website. This is a great honor for the team as well as all chess players alike. Lord knows how long Jude and I have waited for the recognition competitive chess deserves.

Antoine's restaurant has been the recipient of numerous awards and been heralded by both regional and national press.

Gambit Magazine
"Antoine's prepares pompano en papillote, a variation on a traditional Creole recipe in which the fish is baked in a paper bag with shrimp and lump crabmeat in a white wine sauce.
Fans say you must try the Pommes de Terre Souffle, crispy potato puffs: Nibble them as you peruse the menu. Main courses include the venerable Poulet Rochambeau, comprised of chicken, baked ham and sweet brown Rochambeau sauce."

Our Review

Long Live the King!


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quit with the inside jokes, and be funny again

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You didn't like the posters? Those weren't inside jokes.

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yeah, the posters were funny