Friday, May 12, 2006

Pushing Wood: The Return of Chess Babe of the Month

First of all, that was bullshit. Mexican's know as much about Chess, let alone Chess Babes, as they do about hygiene. It was outrage for you guys to hire Rico; to go over my head, and behind my back, to bring back the much vaunted Chess Babe of the Month series. I say so what, cock-a-mother-fucking-doodle-doo. You like my Chess Babes, big deal. That doesn't give you any right to let some retard take over my job. As if he could even do it well.

Secondly, after hearing that that bean-eating Rico was fired (Thanks to anonymous flamer), I have gathered, not one but Two Chess Babes for May 2006.

But before I go any further I want to thank my personal friend, confidant, and blog agent, Lou Dobbs, for helping me to bring back the REAL Chess Babe of the Month (CBotM).

Thanks Lou. You're the best.

This month I bring you two outsiders, one a modern Chess Babe, and the other, a Classic Chess Babe. Though neither are Chess professionals, they exemplify the best the sport has to offer. Kelly Dunstan was profiled recently in Playboy magazine's "Women of the Greek Isles" and Gloria Walker was Playboy's Miss June 1956. God bless you both.

Co-Miss May 2006: Kelly Dunstan

Co-Miss May 2006: Gloria Walker


pembroke avenue said...

hey is that kelly dunstan from ontario, canada (by way of the u.k. - she has a brit accent, used to model for giovanni)- it sure looks like the same kelly dunsatn i know. if so, i got great pics and some crazy ass stories about that dame. if it ain't the same kelly i know, then she has a twin.

Anonymous said...

This is terrible grammar. I thought the Mexican was still writing, but then I realized it was just Eric's crap again.

Anonymous said...

I said boo-urns

Anonymous said...

This IS the Kelly Dunstan that I used to go to school with in Cornwall and Good on her! I'd love to be a model in playboy magazine, so I say fair play!

When we were in the very last assembly, the teacher got us all up on stage to collect our exam papers and asked us what we were going to do when we left school...I said "Dunno", Kelly said "I'm going to be famous" and there she is. Thumbs up Kelly!!!

Anonymous said...

pembroke avenue, if u read this plz email me i know the kelly dunstan you know from ontario, was very close at one time. id like the talk to you about her. thanks.

Anonymous said...

hey pembroke i'd love to hear those stories and see those pics! contact me at PLS!! thanks!

Anonymous said...

RIP Kelly, you left us way too young. Miss you.