Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The Rico delay

I know a lot of you are wondering where the Chess Babe of the Month is. It turns out that Rico participated in the big May 1st walk-out by illegal immigrants, so he couldn't post that day. He will instead post on Cinco de Mayo. But Rico did take a picture at the protest on the New Haven Green of a friend he met there, a friend who just happened to be Jason Congdon's right-hand man at the double B.
Guillermo, pictured below, works the red-eye shift at Bulldog, from 1AM to 9AM. The restaurant is actually closed during that time, but after watching Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Congdon came up with the novel idea of having someone at the counter to serve any possible phantoms who might arrive during the late hours, since they can slip under the locked door. Congdon also weighed the possibility that these swashbuckling pirate-ghost customers might engage in "horseplay" and "rough-housing" that wouldn't fit with the cantina's family-friendly image, but he ultimately decided that the benefits exceeded the costs.

Incidentally, Congdon, who fancies himself an "immigration policy wonk", fears that the House's enforcement-only bill will close down the tunnel that currently runs from the border in El Paso, TX all the way to the Bulldog Burrito kitchen in New Haven, CT. In response to recent studies claiming that illegal immigrants drive down the wages of unskilled American workers by 8%, Congdon cited the statistic that illegal immigrants increase Guac Quality by 11.4%. He also claimed that the local businesses were all behind him in his support of illegal immigration, citing the final paragraph of an article in a recent New Haven Register article which read, "One local restauranteur, who asked that his name be withheld but said we could refer to him as 'JC', told us, 'America without illegal immigrants is like an El Vaquero without a side of pico. CORRECTION: final line should read, "is like an El Vaquero without a side of guac."



Anonymous said...

get rid of rico. he's already terrible.

Mulatto Jesus said...

that sign really puts things into perspective for me