Sunday, June 11, 2006


On 6/11/06 at 4:17 am, Eric Brandon wrote:

Yo Tom,

So I saw Amy Puf. at Greenstreet Bar tonite. Said hello, chatted briefly.

Do you think it is a very bad idea to ask her if she wants to go snorkling? Should I just give up on this one? (Probably.)

I figure maybe there is a one in a million chance she'd think something pseudo-adventurous like this would be cool?


On 6/11/06 at 6:26 am, Thomas Lehman wrote:

My main man.

Did not feel entirely comfortable looking at vag pictures in this Dubrovnik internet cafe. This place was bombed kind of to shit in ´93, and I think the last thing they want right now is some ignorant american swine rubbing his freedom and liberalism in their collective faces.

That having been said, I dont think there is any harm asking Puf out for a snorkling adventure, though I am not optimistic about her saying yes. That having been said, I think you should probably give up on Puf. the magic dragon and concentrate on wooing a conquest with which you have a chance--ammonium cyanate (NH4OCN).

Seriously though, study hard. If I have to construct a make-shift catapult on this trip you had better be on hand with the relevent equations.

Yours in the struggle,
Tom "Acet(ic)amide CH3-C(O)NH2" L.


Puf. the Magic Dragon:




Michael Southworth said...

I am very dissapointed that snorkling is to be interpretted literally.

Rich said...
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Rich said...

michael, you are a bad speller.

Nostradamus said...

What happened?

Anonymous said...

Puff is hot. You should hit that, Eric.

Tom said...

Where'd you get that picture? She is fucking hot, I take it all back.