Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello from Türkiye!

From: Tom Lehman
Date: Monday, June 26, 2006 3:00 PM
Subject: Hello from Türkiye!

Molly and I got off the tram in Istanbul with a reservation at a local hostel, but we still ended up dealing with a man who wanted to sell us a hotel room. Between this and that he got us to go with him to the hotel, and eventually purchase the room. (He revealed that he was in an arranged marriage with a girl he did not love!). While they were dealing with our passports, we sat in the hotel lobby and the following conversation ensued:

Man: So...You buy carpet? I get you amazing price on carpet. Good friend is wholesaler!
Us: Well, thanks for the hotel room, but we really can't carry a ca--
Man: Okay, no carpet. Watch. How about watch? Premium watch, Dolce & Gabbana, just 5 Lira!
Us: No, we don't need a watch either...
Man: Fine. Winters in America--very cold! Leather jacket! I get you amazing price!
Us: No, just the hotel room is fine...
Man: Okay, okay. How about Mashed Potatoes! You need mashed potatoes? Big discount!No problem!

Everyone in Istanbul wants to sell you something. One fun thing to do is to walk through a crowded square and yell "I NEED A TURKISH CARPET! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE OFFER TO SHOW ME A CARPET!" It's a stampede.

I finally broke down and bought a leather jacket in the Grand Bazaar. Most vendors seemed a little shady, but the guy who I got the jacket from said he'd give me an extra special price because I was his friend, so I feel pretty good about that purchase.
Also, the Blue Mosque smells terrible. (Because everyone has to take off his shoes!)



Bugs Bunny said...

Vewy Funny.

enigma said...

i love turkiye! just came back from holiday there. enjoy yourself k. the ppl r really nice...

Anonymous said...

This is Eric's best post.