Friday, September 01, 2006

Chess Babe of the Month: Sanja Dedijer

Sanja Dedijer - Miss September 2006

Nationality: Bosnia Herzegovina
Birthday: 1986

ELO: 2068

I am sorry to report that there is very little biographical information for this month's chess babe. However, I have been able to come up with some indirect cyber banter about Sanja D.

From :

Gandalf the White (Minas Tirith) writes:

Ha ha, LOL!

I did not know about the current Match between Alexandra Kosteniuk and Sanja Dedijer for the most beautiful chess women title.

Sanja Dedijer born at 1986, exactly 20 years ago.

Her federation is Bosnia & Herzegovina
Her ELO 2068
Her FIDE titles: none yet, well maybe The most photogenic.

Download Sanja Dedijer games at Torino here:

Will Alexandra get hurt if any of her fans vote for Dedijer?

I admit I’m Alexandra’s fan because she is a great player, no because she is hot, on that way my girl friend would kill me that is for sure.


nikola said...

Nikola Dedijer-I vote for Sanja

nikola said...

Nikola Dedijer(064/1358575,Belgrade)-I vote for Sanja