Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Facebook News Feed...

Is sick. I love it. I realize this is probably a very unpopular opinion, but please consider how amazing it is:

1) I don't have to check everyone's profile constantly as all updated information and pictures are made aware to me.
2) I know who is friends with who, or what groups people have joined or left.

On another note, the people who are against the change are most likely people unwilling to try new things. It hasn't even been 2 days and people want "Old Facebook" back. I say bah-humbug. Keep Newsfeed.


Matt said...

The feature may be useful in theory, but the inane details dominate the screen, making it a pain in the ass. Really I think it sounds like the the social equivalent of Homer Simpson's talking astrolabe

For example:

-Eric has posted to a blog
-Tom has changed networks to 'New York City'
-Tobin has left the network 'Degrassi Junior High'
-Someone has commented on Eric's post
-Fred Rogers has removed his shows
-Kent has declined to attend the event SOFLAGIBFEST '07
-Steve has declined to attend the event SOFLAGIBFEST '07
-Matt has not been invited to a SOFLAGIBFEST '07
-McDonald's fries contain trans fats
-Tom has changed his status to 'At the yale club'
-Someone has commented on that photo of you funneling beer, you know the one on the night you got so wasted after the game.
-You have been invited to join the group "bloggers love the muff"


Matt said...

Oh yeah, and to refute the charge that "I don't like trying new things," I should say that I tried marinating pork chops in yayo last night and it was awesome.

tom said...

Mayo or Yayo? Either sounds delicious.

dotSyntax said...

Here is a live counter of the number of people who have joined the "Students against Facebook News Feed" group on Facebook..... 300,000 and climbing

Mulatto Jesus said...
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Mulatto Jesus said...

I have enlightened you all on the future, which may or may not include facebook.