Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Meeting of the Minds: Tom and Eric on the new iPod nano's

On 9/12/06, Eric Brandon wrote:
I think im going to get the *NEW* black 8 gb one, thoughts?

On 9/12/06, Tom Lehman wrote:
personally i would find it annoying to have a player not big enough to
store my whole library (or at least all the songs i could ever want to
listen to). i think it'd be a huge pain in the ass to have to swap songs on
and off of the thing. but if you only like 8gb of music, then there are no
disadvantages to getting it.
i am, of course, going to get the 80gb guy.

- tom

On 9/12/06, Eric Brandon wrote:
heh, well, I only have 4 gigs of "music" so, theres really no reason to
get a bigger one.
Comment: is it really that big a deal to have to change music? you make
it seem like doing that interfere's with your incredibly interesting life
and fun-packed days. don't let such little things bother you!
i mean, i dont know whether youre being serious or not, does really
upset you that much to have to change music? or are you just being
sarcastic, or pseudo-sarcastic?
take it easy man.

also, ipod nano is ideal for when I want to listen to music and exercise.
just a thought...

On 9/12/06, Tom Lehman wrote:
actually, now that i think about it, you're completely right--it shouldn't
upset me too much to have to change songs. in fact, i think i'm going to get
the 3 megabyte ipod mini, which is just enough for one song. i figure, i'll
just throw my favorite song on there, and then, when i want to listen to
something else, i'll just change the music! it's no big deal!

On 9/12/06, Eric Brandon wrote:

whatever, little things stress you out too much. theres nothing wrong
with wanting to get the 80 gb pod for the reasons you described
previously, but there is something very wrong with saying something is
a " huge pain in my ass" because you have to take 60 seconds out of
your day. would you be able to be happy if you had to live in the year

- Eric

On 9/12/06, Tom Lehman wrote:

what would happen if I lived in the year 1960? hmmm, let me think.


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Anonymous said...

Dr. King: Allright class, what was the salient feature of 1960s culture?


Dr King: Correct, Tom. Now class, let's do a document based practice question. The slide above shows a man and a woman having an intense experience. Try to write about how that exemplifies the 60s.