Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Morsel

So I joined a Facebook group yesterday.

Here are the details:

Group Info
Name: YES!...Brandon is my LAST NAME!
Type: Common Interest - Families
Description: For everyone who has to repeatedly answer the question,"Your last name is Brandon?"
Or heard "No I asked for your LAST name."
Or had someone say " have two first names."


And then, of course, there is the unintentionally weird post(s) on The Wall
Kish-Marie Brandon (N.C. State) wrote
at 10:11pm

LOl im Lakisha Marie Brandon, and people are always tellling me I have a Last name as a first name...I tghought I was the only Brandon but wow.....oh yeah I do believe that Brandon is Irish cause my great grandad is from ireland
Kish-Marie Brandon (N.C. State) wrote at 11:54pm

DANG I just found a girl with my same name....Whats up Lakesha Brandon....though she spells it with an e, and I spell it with an I

Kish-Marie Brandon (N.C. State) wrote at 11:57pm

Ok...imma stop posting but i just remembered something...

when me and my family went to go eat at shonneys one day, they announced "Brandon party of 4" so we got up and then another family also with the last name got up as well.


I always thought I was from Africa, not Ireland.

Lakisha (Mc)Brandon

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Mulatto Jesus said...

This was one of the funnier posts I've ever read.