Friday, May 04, 2007

A word about Class

Now when you turn to, you normally don't expect to read any sort of Ms. Manners bullshit, I know. But I just have to break tradition here and get something off my chest that AG and I discussed in LA, and which I feel I must share with all of you.

Still caring about 9/11, caring about the firefighters, caring about "our troops over there," wanting to "Kick Osama's ass" - could anything be more tacky? Sometimes in the outer boroughs I see a mural that says "United We Stand" - ewwwww! Or maybe a... I can hardly say it... an American flag pin- Yuck!

Let me tell you something - a guy wearing a wife beater and Tevas as he takes his wife to a McDonald's off I-95 for their 20th anniversary who is completely apathetic and feels no sense of nationalism is classier than any slick Republican politician going on about "the troops" and "never forget what happened September the 11th."

And that's the Word.


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George Washington for sure enemy combatant