Friday, July 27, 2007

Comments on Vick Case

NB: I hope this post makes sense- it is my last day of work so I am deliriously happy

Recently, there has been a lot of hoopla among the PETA/animal rights set about Michael Vick's alleged dogfighting ring. This is to be expected, as they complain about anything a reasonable male in his 20s might enjoy, like chicken paillard, fine leather shoes or a doorstop that is actually just the head of a meerkat.

What I really object to, however, is the mainstream press and liberal intelligentsia, who barely raise a peep about eating steak or having leather car seats but then are up in arms because of a dog fight. Isn't dog-fighting more humane than mechanized slaughter? Only ONE of the two dogs dies, as opposed to all of the cows. And that shit is Darwinian anyway- the weak dog didn't deserve to live.

This cow certainly wishes the mainstream media cared more about her than about dogs:

On the subject of cows and cattle, I have heard from an acquaintance who's spent time on a farm that when cattle and chickens are on the same farm, the cattle jumps atop the chicken and nuts on its stomach while screaming "HAAA! I taste so much better than you!"

If you ever want a souvenir of those encounters, try one of these canes, made out of REAL BULL'S PENIS!


Anonymous said...

For the man who has everything...

Beneficent Allah said...

Apparently Vick kept a "Rapestand" (CNN's words) in his home...

A rapestand is like a harness that keeps the bitch in place while the stud has his way with her.

Oh, Vick also kept a harness in his house, to put the female dogs in, for breeding purposes

Anonymous said...

Oh, Vick also kept a rapestand in his house, to put female dogs in, while he raped them.

Beneficent Allah said...

damn what a bugga*


Nostradamus said...

More bridge collapse coverage!

Nostradamus said...

PS: Your NB is well placed and considered in its expression; the only part of this post I understood was the photo of the sad cow. That, my friend, was an act of genius.

Mulatto Jesus said...


Mulatto Jesus said...

two red rockets up for this post!

Anonymous said...

this guy vick, what he done to how many innocent dogs? the balls this guy has to make a rape stand and force the dogs to mate and make more dogs to torture and kill. what a peice of shit! his wife should be sitting in jail too.i'm sure she knew what this crazy jerk was doing. the thing is how can a human being do this?
i wish and hope somedayit will be an eye for an eye,animal or person.
i say throw this peice of garbage in a ring and fight him to the the death,even if he don't want to.
and get all these waco's that sit and watch this horrible thing happen, they can watch vick and
all these other street trash that do this to dogs,get ripped apart .
then watch them get electricuted,
drowned, or hung and slammed to the
ground. this is bullshit how this
guy tortured these poor dogs, i have to ask one question? does this guy deserve to live a life?
no human being could do such an awful thing.why didn't his wife say
anthing?mabe she liked the money at the expence of these poor dogs? i hope he gets his head beat in in jail,but he's probably laughing knowing he will be out before long,
doing the same thing but highly hidden, just as the rest. they all get a slap for it. that is bullshit, i would have thrown his ugly ass in a ring with the dogs he
trained him dam self and i would of watched every minute of it and i would have loved to see him go through what all them poor dogs did. because he deseves every bit of it. and i better never hear that he is ever playing football again.
what kind of world are we living in here?this jerk deseves to be treated the same way, and thats how it should dam well be.a dog feels pain, they get hungry, they get thirsty,they want to be loved. god did not put them here to be horribly treated like this, and if the law ever will make it an eye for an eye,this maddness will stop. do you think this vick or any of the rest of these trash will be able to stand the pain and agony these poor animals did? this guy doesn't even deserve to breath, for what he done,what a shame, god bless all of these animals.amen