Monday, September 22, 2008

Ah ah ah ah Splayin' alive, splayin' alive

I went to Mokai on 23rd street on Saturday night. The usual UM Law School crowd was there.
Clubs are so lame. No one dances well, the music selection is terrible, drinks are very expensive, and the funniest part is someone trying to carry on a conversation in the middle of all the noise.
What a pathetic excuse for social interaction.

I'm guessing you didn't get laid...

No, but I JO'ed in the bathroom and put it in a girls hair on my way out.

That's one way to spread your seed.


Rich said...

i would probably say "J'ed O"...but i like the sentiment...

Anonymous said...

I actually make the same criticism of people who say "JO'ed", but I used this spelling, instead of the preferred "J'ed O", for the common man, the ordinary Delino reader.

- Eric