Sunday, September 19, 2010

Scene from the Early 90s

[Pete Pierson, CEO of K2 Skates sits on his porch with his wife Debbie and 5-year-old daughter, Jenny]

[Pete hands Jenny a box, which Jenny opens to find... a pair of brand-new K2 Girls' In-Line Skates!]

Jenny: Thanks Daddy! I always wanted rollerbwades!

Pete (putting his hand on his temple): They're not rollerblades, sweetie, they're in-line skates. Rollerblade is just a company, a bad company that's daddy's enemy

Jenny: OK Daddy. I'm gonna go rollerbwading with my fwiends now!

Pete: Jenny, you're not ROLLERBLADING! You're IN-LINE SKATING!

Debbie: Peter, leave Jenny alone. I'm sure she's just repeating what she heard at school

Pete: Deb, this is a crucial time in our company - if they become the generic word for in-line skates, that's it - K2 will always be an also-ran

Jenny: Mommy, did you xerox my permission swip for the trip to the science museum?

[Pete grabs Jenny's in-line skates and throws them on the lawn]

Pete: GODDAMNIT, JENNY! It's photocopy! Photocopy! There are good men, friends of mine, working their asses off over at Canon. But do you care? DOES ANYONE CARE????

[tears well up in Pete's eyes]

Debbie (smirking): Hey Peter, looks like you need a Kleenex

[Pete shoots Deb a death stare]