Monday, September 22, 2008


As you probably don't know, Rich works at SeamlessWeb. And let me tell you I love SeamlessWeb. In fact I wish the whole internet were run by SeamlessWeb- you'd conduct searches on SeamlessWebOogle, check movie times on SeamlessWebAngo and social network on SeamlessWebAcebook. Imagine that site:

Chicken Tikka Masala has added you as a friend
Alaska Roll and Pad See Ew are no longer in a relationship
Cobb Salad is watching The Golden Girls - soooo 80's!!!!

The possibilities are endless. You could even get political commentary from SeamlessWebGreenwald. Rich, make it happen

Ah ah ah ah Splayin' alive, splayin' alive

I went to Mokai on 23rd street on Saturday night. The usual UM Law School crowd was there.
Clubs are so lame. No one dances well, the music selection is terrible, drinks are very expensive, and the funniest part is someone trying to carry on a conversation in the middle of all the noise.
What a pathetic excuse for social interaction.

I'm guessing you didn't get laid...

No, but I JO'ed in the bathroom and put it in a girls hair on my way out.

That's one way to spread your seed.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Trip Advisor: Casa de Splayas

So I stayed at the Splayas' house a couple nights in the last month and I had a great time, and when I got back home I figured on a lark that I would check the ratings on Trip Advisor. Boy, this girl's review was quite different from the Splayas' slick marketing materials. Check it out:

posted by Girl84:
DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!!! Literally, there was like a drug deal going down in the next room over from me! Totally shady! Also, you have to SHARE the bathroom and I think some dude PEED IN THE SINK! ewwwwwww... As if that wasn't bad enough, a guy tried to kiss me after we had a jovial conversation for five hours- creeeeepy... The other guests talk all weird; they say 'skeet' alot- what does that mean? And even in the hallway they never wear shirts, and sometimes no pants. One dude had this big-ass laptop he was using in the lounge and the fucking thing was so big and all-consuming he didn't even hear or see me when i said 'hi'. Nice location though. And unlimited Diet Cokes a major PLUS! SKEET - see now they have me saying it; seriously what does that mean???

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Go Daddy Customer Service

Go Daddy: Hi, this is Brian, do you have a Customer Service number?

Eric: Hi, I'd like to transfer my registration and hosting to another service. Oh, uhhh.... not sure, I can give you my PIN number, would that suffice?

GD: Sure, also, if you have your domain name that would be great.

Eric: Hold on, I have it in my G-mail somewhere. Let me search for it, just a sec.

GD: (Making small talk) So I see you're calling from Miami Beach, that must be pretty nice.

Eric: Yeah, I like it. OK, here it is.

Eric: My pin is ****, and my domain name is www. chinesehorsepisssluts 69 88888 .com.

GD: Let me read that back to you, to see if I have it right. W-W-W- DOT - C-H-I-N-E-S-E-H-O-R-S-E-P-I-S-S-S-L-U-T-S-6-9-8-8-8-8-8-DOT COM.

Eric: Yup. That's correct. The 8's are for good luck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

new campaign slogan for Obama

So the polls are not going so well for Obama. I'm no David Plouffe, but it seems like one way Obama could shake up this campaign is by changing his slogan- "Change we can believe in" has sort of been co-opted by McCain. For inspiration, I turned to some of the political lessons I learned at Yale. What about this for Obama:

You can't go wrong with Matt Harsha-Strong.