Monday, September 22, 2008


As you probably don't know, Rich works at SeamlessWeb. And let me tell you I love SeamlessWeb. In fact I wish the whole internet were run by SeamlessWeb- you'd conduct searches on SeamlessWebOogle, check movie times on SeamlessWebAngo and social network on SeamlessWebAcebook. Imagine that site:

Chicken Tikka Masala has added you as a friend
Alaska Roll and Pad See Ew are no longer in a relationship
Cobb Salad is watching The Golden Girls - soooo 80's!!!!

The possibilities are endless. You could even get political commentary from SeamlessWebGreenwald. Rich, make it happen


Jonas said...

Rich really work for this company?

Anonymous said...

That sounded like Chinese.

H.Bomb said...

My blog doesn't even get enough hits to participate in this Seamless Web promotion.

Nostradamus said...

It is a dream I often have, particularly as I order food from Which is all the time (really, ask Rich... I'm a long time top SW customer. It's true. There's nothing ironic about this at all, everything I have written is totally true).