Thursday, October 02, 2008

Liveblogging the Debate: Warning this is probably terrible

8:57 - Is Actual Rod on the scene in St. Louis?

8:58 - Can we put to rest the meme of Palin video commenters saying "funny but TOO REAL! I can't watch"

8:59 - OK i hate McCain as much as the next guy, but i must admit he was very handsome as a young man

9:00 - Gwen Ifill- so gangster. Up there despite having a broken leg or some shit

9:01 - Palin looks hot - very catwoman

9:02- Biden looks hot- very catwoman

9:03- Biden said something-- GAFFE!

9:04- Biden says "nice to meet you governor" - STOP BULLYING HER BIDEN!

9:05- Palin -GAFFE!

9:06- Biden looks like he's going to die soon

9:07 - Chris Matthews' inner monologue "Sarah Palin is hitting it OUT OF THE PARK! Cheeseburger!"

9:08- Gwen Ifill you are so sensible and neutral- I want more angry black woman content

9:10- from AG, "Palin's lapel pin looks like an American flag with a dollar sign"

9:12- Liberal bloggers' inner monologue- "Palin is lying she's an idiot! Obama didn't raise taxes"; Joe 6 pack's inner monologue - "Me likey boobies!"

9:18 - Palin really is lipstick on a pig- she's a great propagandist

9:20 - how is Biden the poorest Senator what a sap- I'm pretty skeptical of him that he didn't find a way to make a shit ton of money out of his position

9:21- "bridge to nowhere" MEME!

9:22- switched to BIDEN HD (CNN HD)! Now we are tapped into the minds of Uncommited Ohio Voters via a real time ratings system and then there's the Analyst Scorecard as well holy shit! I am plugged into ALEX CASTELLANOS'S ID!

9:23 - Should I buy Palin glasses?

9:28 - The women are going wild for Biden on the focus group meter- this reminds me of the Itchy and Scratchy focus group. The voters just keep going wild for both Biden AND McCain.

9:30 - Drill baby drill, Drill baby Drill!

9:35 - Clean coal is a T. Boone Pickens-style boondoggle- boo on both of them

9:37 - Biden, "let me make sure I understand you- yes, I'll give the faggots benefits but dear lord no marriage"

9:38- the trendlines are surging as Palin bashes gays- this is America, folks

9:41 - Gwen Ifill- GAFFE!

9:43- Trendlines up for Biden talking about ending war - or maybe still just delayed support for Biden's gay bashing

9:44 - Palin smugly calling Obama plan "surrender" - ughhh shoot her please

9:46 - I miss the way Obama says "pahhkeestahn" - its a great play for the Christian Amanpour voters

9:48 - sorry this is a very cribbed from Finnegan comment but you shouldn't be able to control nuclear weapons if you can't say "nuclear"

9:52- Second Holocaust! Nothing makes Jews more afraid than this, except maybe Zabar's running out of lox

9:56- I love Israel too, Sarah!

9:58- Afghanistan is a shit show - just smiling will not change that Sarah

9:59- Biden is wrong too- give up on Afghanistan and Iraq; the U.S. is no longer good at imperialism

10:00- Bipartisan! Nunn-Lugar! David Broder has a Boner!

10:06 - Ed Rollins is going nuts on the Analyst Scorecard- he's +35 for Palin when everyone else is at most +15 for anyone; this is like my mom scoring my performance as a a chorus member in Guys and Dolls

10:11 - weird Heaven content from Palin- she has to watch Religulous with Bill Maher; and also watch an obese prostitute strip naked with Bill Maher

10:15 - Whoops I farted I hope no one notices... GAFFE!

10:17 - Cheney Cheney Cheney

10:22- Biden getting emotional is killing the trendlines! Biden out-womaned Palin - You're a fucking robot Palin! Strong men also cry!

10:24 - From B.A. - "We need more Self-Tanning in America"

10:25- From Nick A. re: the trendlines - "People love parallel syntax"

10:33 and that concludes our coverage......... GAFFE!


Beneficent Allah said...

'caust deuce was the best thing either of them got my vote I'm scurred!

Anonymous said...

I didn't watch the debate, but I read this whole thing and it sums up entirely what I expected to see. Thanks for saving me the time, and for entertaining me as well!

- Eric


Mulatto Jesus said...

9:52 is money