Sunday, October 12, 2008


Nostradamus, god bless his soul, has been giving me guitar lessons for the past few months. While thinking of songs to learn, I stumbled across The Beatles' "Yesterday." I thought a bit about this song and I'm pretty puzzled by it. It was written at the height of the Beatles' success in the mid-60's. So why such a sad song? How did they even get in that mindset? To my mind, the song should have gone

(to the tune of "Yesterday"): "drink drink drink, drugs drugs drugs drugs nut nut nut, nut nut drugs nut nut nut drugs drugs drugs, nut nut nut, drugs drugs drugs..."


Anonymous said...

Spoken like a true Beatles fan.

Load up some videos of you playing!

Nostradamus said...

Also, read up on the tragic decline of Paul's relationship with Jane Asher, and you will fast come to understand the morose moodiness of such songs as "Elanor Rigby," "Yesterday," and the devestating, contrite piece of existentialism, "For No One."