Tuesday, August 09, 2005

A Taboo Home Game: The Cable Guy Revisited

After a wholesome day at the Bronx Zoo and in the movies at March of the Penguins with Jenevieve, I arrived home unsure of what to do for a nightcap. Jen wanted to play a game, so I suggested Taboo, and I was able to convince my parents to get involved. It was young vs. old, and while they may have had more life experience together, we had more Taboo experience between us. Things were moving a little slowly in the scoring department, but were starting to pick up when I reached the following word that I had to get Jen to guess: Flaccid.

Following a brief chuckle to myself, I faced a dilemma. How could I possibly get Jen to guess this word without resorting to vulgar speech? And how could I possibly resort to such vulgarity on a "family game night" of sorts? Well, not surprisingly, my competitive streak took over and I said, "When a penis is in resting position, not erect, it is..." Everyone erupted in laughter, especially my father (yes, the Park Avenue lawyer...don't tell The New York Law Journal), but then an even funnier thing happened, Jen didn't get the answer. I guess my parents know a little more than they let on, and maybe I need to teach Jen a few more dirty words for the next time, when we play Porno Password.


Anonymous said...

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carlton Fisk said...

way to gradually ween us off the traditional "jenevieve" and introduce us to your new cute little moniker for her. because you know, if you just started in with "Jen," I either wouldn't know who the fuck you were talking about or would be like, "weird, berger's using this little pet name he coined and acting like I should know it too." But you did it masterfully, and I almost feel like I was there with you the first time you, spooning gracefully and forevermore in the New York morn, whispered into your lover's ear, "Jen." I can sense the vibrartions of your fluttering heart 1500 miles away in this rat hole hotel room i'm sharing with a woman who has literally reduced herself to a cocaine-snorting blowjob machine.


Two points:
1. Flaccid is the word on a taboo card and you expect me to believe "penis" is not among the banned words?

2. Point (1) notwithstanding, your girlfriend didn't guess flaccid from that clue? Break up with her immediately and come to vegas.

Anonymous said...

The people demand more comments from Carlton Fisk.