Monday, September 12, 2005

Racism in the Pro Shop

I should have known something like this would happen on September 11th, but I never would have expected it to happen to my very own friend, Sagar Gajendragadkar.

At about 11:45 AM, our foursome walked up to the window at Bethpage Golf Course to pay for our 12:30 PM tee time. When Sagar, who had reserved the time, handed the woman (white, mid-40s) his driver license, the following exchange ensued:

Woman (examining license): Wow, your name really is a mouthful!
Sagar (uncomfortably): Um, yeah...I get that a lot...
Woman: Yeah, you know I really feel sorry for your kids. It's too bad they have to have your name.
(Long awkward silence)
Woman (finally feeling a little sheepish): Well, you don't have kids though, right? Enjoy your round boys!


When we reached the first tee, the starter asked us for four names:

Starter: Ok, so that's Rich, Dan, Jason, and Sagar. Hmm, that Irish?


Rich said...

not a single comment? i would have at least liked one of those fake ones telling me to visit some absurd web site....

Anonymous said...

Rich said...

now this is what i am talking about! amazing stuff!