Friday, September 07, 2007

LA Public Transit

Upon finding myself without a car in Los Angeles last month, I decided I'd take the Bus. While the bus in New York is populated by old ladies, young professionals and children, I found LA to be a bit different.

Basically the scene was me, some Hispanic workers in the service industry, and the Crips. So I sat there in the back quietly reading The Economist. But it was hard to focus because of course the Crips were making all sorts of hoopla-- it turns out one of them was looking over my shoulder and he screamed "Ah told ya, son! They shuttin' tha Pyongyong Nuclea Reactah down fo real!"


Anonymous said...

Love the city of angels coverage Dan. And then, the Crip turned to the bus driver, after reading The Economist over your shoulder and said, "avoid the pedestrian."

The ACTUAL God said...