Friday, November 30, 2007

Dan the News Hound

Craziness- an armed man took hostages today at one of Hillary Clinton's campaign offices in New Hampshire! Fortunately, I have been following the story all day on my only source for news, the Captivate Network, by traveling up and down in my office building's elevator. Wait a sec, the elevator is coming back up to the 6th floor, i need to go guys and follow this story! I'll try to update when i get back from the ground floor!

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Anonymous said...

Advertisements on every square inch of anything at all.

I don’t want to travel across the world just to visit another city’s Gap.

I’m sorry but it won’t be progress when they finally finish the Panopticon.
I know my dreams have never featured a logo before.

A generation of children dedicating their lives to marketing and finance.
The marketing and finance of their prison, if you really want me to be honest.