Tuesday, December 18, 2007

De l'eau nouveau

Haven't blogged about the bottled water scene lately, but I have to report on a huge new development-- San Benedetto, or SAN BENEDETZZZ as I call it familiarly -- has taken the Danosphere by storm!

I had it in Italy several years ago but then I totally forgot about it until a couple recent pleasant reminders. First I had it at the D.E. Shaw Christmas party. (Tom and I snuck a bottle for ourselves and chugged it like I did back in High School- ahhh, those were the days...) Then I had it at the 'Bucks in Puerto Rico, and it sealed the deal.

San Benedetz tastes minerally like Ev-ee-yawwwn, but it doesn't have that cummy aftertaste. In fact that would make a great slogan:

"San Benedetto - Tastes great, Less Cummy!"


Beneficent Allah said...

San B's is pretty good...I am having a Vöslauer Prickelnd right now, which is bangin (mit Kohlensäure versetzi!)

Anonymous said...

No bitter cum face?

Beneficent Allah said...

"Ach! Bittere cum gesicht!"