Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Master's Tea with God

(polite applause)

Master G: Alright now does anyone have any questions for God?

(dozens of hands shoot up)

Master G: Hmm, let's see... Kevin

(Kevin is in front row, wearing black Patagonia vest and black hiking boots)
Kevin: Hey I was wondering - how did you decide to become a deity?

God: Just seemed like the natural thing to do.

Master G: Well that's it for the evening - God has to get to dinner with an old friend in Waterbury. Let's give God a big Pierson round of applause!

(polite applause)

(Patrick, a Divinity School student sitting in the back, holds a 3x5 notecard that reads, "My question for you is this - why have you introduced such astounding beauty in the world, yet also such astounding ugliness? Joy, but also suffering? Love, but also hatred? Life, but also death? Is there a lesson you want us to learn from the dark side of your Creation? What is that lesson?" He looks up and sees Kevin chatting with his friend)

Kevin: How do they find such interesting people to speak at these things? That lady who wrote Eat, Pray, Love was here last week!

(Patrick quietly seethes)

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