Tuesday, November 08, 2011

First Date with Girl Who Has Amnesia

[Setting: Hunan Szechuan Empire Gourmet Palace]
[Amnesiac Girl and I are looking at menus]
Me: You probably don't remember this, but Chinese food is like the cutting edge of the food culture right now. And this place is the epicenter of it all!

Amnesiac Girl: Wow - good thing I have you to take me to the hot places

[Waitress approaches our table]
Me: Hi, we're splitting everything. We'd like to have the e-egg drooop soup to start. Am I saying that right?

Waitress: Ees egg drop soup

Me: And this one is Ch-chicken with brickoli?

Waitress: Ees Broccoli. Thas it?
[I nod]
[Waitress walks away]

Me: Seriously it is like impossible to keep track of all these new cuisines

Amnesiac Girl: But somehow you do it!

[I wave the "stop, stop - too much" motion]


Matt said...

You should have written 50 First Dates!

Anonymous said...