Friday, October 26, 2012

2 Dudes in a 2-Man Horse Costume at a Halloween Party

[Before the Party]

Alpha Guy: Look I just happen to feel like being the front guy tonight. But the back guy's basically the same thing - we're a team here, it takes 2 to be a horse

Beta Guy: OK, so you promise you're gonna get me involved in your conversations with the ladies? I mean I'm gonna be crouched over and staring at your ass so I don't really get how that's gonna work...

Alpha Guy: Dude, it's gonna be fine. No one'll be able to see my face either. But that'll add to the mystique. We're gonna be fuckin' Siamese Wingman Twins!

Beta Guy: Yeahhh S-siamese Wingman Twins

Alpha Guy: Alright now get in there and let's get some ass!

[At the Party]
[Alpha and Beta Guy, in horse costume, enter the party. Alpha Guy takes his horse head mask off to reveal his face. They approach a Girl in Cowgirl costume]

Alpha Guy:  Hey Cowgirl, you lookin' for a horsie to ride?

Cowgirl: I dunno, can you handle me?

Beta Guy (muffled): Hey - ask if she has a friend!

Cowgirl: Is somebody in there with you?

Alpha Guy: Uh... nope. Those back legs are animatronic, but they include these "Sounds from the Range" for extra realism

Cowgirl: Fancayyy

[Alpha Guy starts making out with Cowgirl]

Beta Guy (muffled): It's getting really sweaty in here! Hello? (sigh) At least this costume has that "new rubber" smell inside

[Alpha Guy farts in Beta Guy's face]

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