Sunday, January 06, 2013

Snapple CEO at His Country Club the Day After He Launched Kris's Mix Up

Country Club Member: Hey I saw you put out Kris's Mix-Up, that Half-Lemonade Half-Iced Tea drink 

Snapple CEO's Inner Monologue: Dear God I hope he doesn't mention Arnold Palmers. No one mention Arnold Palmers!

Snapple CEO: Oh yeah - Kris, Kris Mains - she's in our R&D Department. One day she accidentally mixed a batch of our Iced Tea with our Lemonade, and well we thought that combo tasted so good we should make it a new Snapple flavor!

Country Club Member: Uh-huh, uh-huh, very exciting. The only thing is this club's been serving half-lemonade, half-iced teas - you know, Arnold Palmers - for years. You must've had one before Kris had her little mix-up?

Snapple CEO's Inner Monologue: Why did I come here - here, ground zero for Arnold Palmers?! Did I need to play golf that badly? I gotta lie low for a while 'till this whole thing dies down

Snapple CEO: Arnold... Palmer. Like the golfer? He has a half-lemonade half-iced tea drink named after him, and they serve it here?

Country Club Member: I mean Juan at the bar is always pushing it on members in the summer - it's his specialty, he has a secret ratio of lemonade to iced tea. I can't believe he hasn't served you one. Hold on a second - JUAN?

Snapple CEO's Inner Monologue: If Juan comes over here I'm a dead man. I practically lived on Arnold Palmers the whole summer of '92

Snapple CEO [getting up]: Oooh you know what I'm a little rusty I gotta hit the range before the first tee. See you around, buddy

Country Club Member: Wait, Juan's coming! 

[Snapple CEO rushes out the door]

Snapple CEO's Inner Monologue: Phew, that was close. I can't take this kind of pressure - I'm gonna have to scrap the plans for that Hot Toddy rip-off "Brenda's Boozy Brew"

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