Wednesday, June 14, 2006

To my well-wishers

(Does anyone read this anymore? Did anyone ever?)

Some of you may know that I won some money in a poker tournament back in April. Well, the final table of that tournament is being televised for the first time tonight, at 9 PM EST and again at midnight EST on the Travel Channel.

If you miss it and are interested in viewing it, check here in the next few days.


Matt said...

"The hills are alive with the sound of money" --Fat announcer

Nostradamus said...

I still love you Al.

The Nevadan said...

It is a quiet apocalypse that Dan has all but given up on this blog. Delino in its prime was a comedic projection of all that Dan's inward-self found irrepressibly contradictory about the world in which he dwelt. Yet what once was a daily reminder of his truly original, New Haven-cultivated wit is now a morbid articulation of all that is gone: college, unhinged joie de vivre, our particular life experiences as college students on this Northern Hemisphere in the first decade of this 21st Century. The state into which this blog has fallen is a metaphor for our fading youth. It was a good, brief run. But like the cells that comprise us, Delino has been slowly, and then more rapidly, and then rather hypersonically rotting into oblivion.

Anonymous said...

stop pigeon-holing delino. it can't be done.