Friday, June 30, 2006

Reader Appreciation Day

Today, June 30, is Reader Appreciation Day. We don't have that many readers left at Delino, but thankfully, the readers we do have are loyal. Dan and I recently had the chance to hang out with Sarah and Elizabeth, two of the most dedicated Delino (and Marquis) fans on the planet (I would be remiss to not point out that Laura is equally dedicated, but not in New York right now...also, thank you to the Actual Rod, Jenevieve, Susanna, and Nostradamus for supporting us). In our discussions we came up with the idea of a t-shirt for our readers. This new t-shirt would be a great complement to our limited edition Blog It t-shirts that are currently beloved by all.

The t-shirt:

On the front: Read it and Weep
On the back: Tears of Joy (delinodeshields, listed underneath...might be too many letters, we'll work on this)

What do you, our readers, think of this idea? Thanks for everything.


Eric said...

Chess Babe of the Month t-shirts?

Anonymous said...

i blushed so much when i read this post. i think the tshirts should have your guys' pictures on them (or just rich's). thanks for all the great times, sarah

the actual rod said...

i think you deserve an appreciation day too, rich.