Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Crush on Obama" Backstory

Maybe some of you have seen this new YouTube music video called "I Got a Crush on Obama." In it, a busty brunette lustily sings verses like

Universal healthcare reform
It makes me warm
You tell the truth unlike the right
You can love but you can fight
You can Barack me tonight
I’ve got a crush on Obama

Well the real backstory is that - have you all seen Big Momma's House 2? Basically, what happened is that the latex makeup geniuses who made Martin Lawrence look like Grandmama applied the reverse process to our old pal political blogger Munz, making him look like a svelte brunette babe. Behind all that Latex, it is Munz singing those lines.

This is actually not Munz's family's first foray into the intersection of music and politics. I can't find it on YouTube now, but Munz's sister, Coretta Scott Munz, released a track in 1988 that was wildly popular. A lot of people actually blame the Dems' loss in '88 on Bob Shrum's decision not to use this as the campaign song:

You looked so good in that tank,
Yeah you can take that to the bank,
Tell George Bush to screw himself
But screw my bush yourself
Michael Dukak-iiis
please do bukakesss
with your cock-esss
on my stom-achs

p.s. in other political news, it turns out that Yasir Arafat died of the Super-AIDS. If only Beneficent Allah had warned him sooner!


Anonymous said...

Arafat was gay. His marriage to that fat non-Halal swine he called his wife was a sham.

Mulatto Jesus said...

That's actually Munz's mom in the video.

Beneficent Allah said...

Amazing line:

"The response from Abbas' aides changed in an instant Jibril's view of his deceased mentor."