Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Upside of Mumbai Terror

So there is a cute Indian girl at my office but she is sort of shy. Which is why this Mumbai terror attack was a FUCKING GODSEND for the meek Indian men in my office! There are so many Indians at the NYCDOT by the way it is a veritable Delaware Dunkin' Donuts (hat tip to VP Biden).

Literally my entire day was spent listening to the procession of meek Indian men saying, "Sowmaya, is all your family OK?" And her replying, "Yes, they only attacked the tourist sites, not the residential areas. Fortunately." And then the Indian men saying, "That's good, that's good. But it's a tragedy really. And very scary. (Beat) So how's everything going at school?" --> regular, non-terrorism schmoozing/flirting.

For those female readers reading this post, this is but one instance of the depravity at the heart of man's soul. A depravity so profound that it leads meek Indian men to watch their countrymen get blown to pieces and respond with an internal monologue of "Ahhh... finally.... dees is my in! Dee chase begeens... 'I'm so concerned'... about my deeeeeck!... yes, that vas a good one interior monologue i'll give it up you fucker"


Anonymous said...

Onion circa 2001: Area Man Uses WTC Attack As Excuse To Call Ex-Girlfriend.

More Indian co-worker content!

Beneficent Allah said...

Mumbai was a perfect in for me to hit on my hot Chabbad co-worker:

BA: So did your Rabbi and his Wife get slaughtered in Mumbai?

hCc-w: Yes...its horrible...

BA: What the hell were they doing there anyway?

BA: ummm...so...do you do the sheet with the hole thing?

Beneficent Allah said...

btw, my hot FEMALE Chabbad co-worker