Saturday, January 03, 2009

Breaking News

(AP) - Zurich, Switzerland

Memeologists at the Swiss Polytechnic Institute have made a stunning discovery with the uncovering of a new Meme. Expert Memeologists have discovered a Meme in which in the early 1990s, underprivileged children at arcades across America would "play" an arcade game but actually not have put any money in the machines, and really only be seeing a demonstration of the game that they could not control at all. Jacques Rocquefort, the lead researcher on the project, says, "This is a paradigm-shifter. This is a capital M meme. After viewing hours of footage of Crazy Taxi we discovered a pattern in the routes that we determined with 99 percent certainty was not random and was caused by a computer program rather than by human design." Rocquefort says his team's next project will be investigating whether affluent white children feeling guilty seeing the underprivileged children "play" the fake game is a Meme. They could have findings as early as March. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

"Hold on to six-meme, as long as you caaa-annnn, flamers come around real soon, make us women and men."

1) Visiting old people, and having to grudgingly but graciously accept items ranging from old records to mushy bananas.
2) Going to the pharmacy to buy a new toothbrush and wondering who the hell ever buy's anything other than a full-head and soft or extra-soft bristles. Medium? Are you f'ing kidding me? I'd rather brush my teeth with a hammer.
3) The acknowledgement of the "do you know such and such person game" when you first meet somebody. "I know, I know, everyone always asks, did you go to high school with whomever, etc. And now we're asking it!!!"

Anonymous said... internet meme data base?

Anonymous said...

wait, what's a meme?