Monday, June 18, 2012

Sign #536 I've Become An Anonymous Yupster [this really happened]

[I'm walking down the street in Yupster uniform of button-down shirt, black jeans, sneakers, Wayfarers. I pass a different Yupster Deathstar from the one I live in - The Edge, not Rent on Kent. A Redhead Walking Her Dog, wearing yoga pants, makes eye contact with me]

Redhead Walking Her Dog: Hey! Good to see you!

Me (startled): Uh, oh - hey! Yeah, good to, uh, see you too

My Interior Monologue: Am I supposed to know this woman?

Redhead Walking Her Dog: Did you see the new rowing machines they put in the gym? So fantastic!

My Interior Monologue: Jesus Christ - she thinks I'm her neighbor at The Edge

Me: Yeah - upper body's the key to the whole thing!

Redhead Walking Her Dog: I know! Anyway, this guy's gettin' antsy for a walk, but so good to see you!

Me: You too! See you 'round

[Redhead Walking Her Dog walks away]

My Interior Monologue: Maybe I should I just go ahead and legally change my name to Daniel Bateman...

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