Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scene from Berger Family, 1991

[Berger family has just landed at LaGuardia Airport after a week in Florida. Rich and I head toward the taxi line]
Mr. Berger: Guys no need to wait in line - I ordered us a limousine, he should be here any second

8-year-old Dan: Awesome! I love riding in limos! I'm so psyched!

[A minute later, a black Lincoln Town Car arrives and stops. I keep looking past it in search of our limo]

Mr. Berger: Here's our limo guys, put your bags in the trunk and let's get in

8-Year-Old Dan's Interior Monologue: Are you fucking KIDDING ME?! You can call a regular Lincoln Town Car a 'limousine'? That's complete bullshit! A 'limousine' should only mean a STRETCH LIMO! Extra long, fits 8 people, long bench seating, bottled water and M&Ms - we all know what a fucking limo is! This 'limousine' possibly meaning just a Town Car is the worst meme ever!!!

8-Year-Old Dan: Wow, here it is - our very own limo! Thanks Dad!

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Anonymous said...

Haha this is funny! There goes a saying expect the unexpected!
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