Tuesday, November 15, 2005

From BillOReilly.com

  • Back of Book Segment
    Brown U. sex party
    Guest: Factor producer Jesse Watters

    Factor producer Jesse Watters gained entry to a wild party at Brown University over the weekend, an event he depicted as a scene straight out of Caligula. "I got a ticket on the Internet and went in," Watters explained. "What I saw was pure debauchery. Girls were falling down drunk, and most were wearing just panties and bras. I went to the bathroom and heard guys having sex in the stall next to me. A record amount of people had to have emergency medical care."
    Factor host O'Reilly stridently criticized Brown adminstrators-- "My major concern here is... why wasn't I invited? These pinheads know that I, with my loofah scrub in hand, would have been a great addition to this party and would have, on a personal level, enjoyed it immensely. It's irresponsible, and the chancellor has to answer for it."


David Manzoor's Aunt, Rahel said...

Stall Tactics, Bergs.

Anonymous said...

check out brown.dailyjolt.com from some fantabulous threats by emily jane brill, brown 06. we will soon all know o'rielly's personal email address thanks to this former fox intern. supposedly.