Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Princeton Club

Before heading over to the Princeton Club to play squash last night with Dan (because the Yale Club courts are being renovated), I asked my father what he knew of that reputable institution.

"Richard, my boy, I only visited the Princeton Club once about 20 years ago."
"So why haven't you been back?"
"I'm still recovering from my first visit!"

So when I discovered that the Princeton Club's steam room only fit TWO people, I should not have been surprised. And there wasn't even a sauna for us to relax in afterwards! Furthermore, playing squash is a sweaty business, so I was hoping for someone to take my clothes from me when I left the court. Not only did this not happen, but the locker room did not even provide a plastic bag for me to dump them into so my mother could wash them later.

Finally, on the way out, Dan and I tried to walk up to the second floor and find a library so that we could practice a scene from Waiting for Godot (adapted for our purposes to be Waiting for Some Readers: The Story of One Blog and its 100 page Views a Day). All we saw were two empty rooms with chairs piled high upon each other. That is what I call "Amateur Hour."

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NickAntosca said...

And on the way out, did you wave a hundred dollar bill in front of a homeless man, then set it on fire? Yeah, I bet you did!