Sunday, December 17, 2006

Ice Breaker

So Tom invited me to an art exhibit opening at a sophisticated gallery in the Meatpacking District on Saturday. He neglected to tell me that everyone there would be dressed up in practically black tie attire, with fashion-forward style to boot. So there I was, wearing jeans and sneakers at this fancy party, surrounded by sophisticates from the art world. Fortunately, I thought of a clever way to shoehorn myself into a conversation:

Male Sophisticate: I love this piece, it's so provocative.

Female Sophisticate: I know, I mean it says a lot about women's role in society and the burdens we have to bear.

Male Sophisticate: And look at the colors. That blue is so deep.

Me: Hey guys, so who are you supporting in the 2008 Republican primary? I'm leaning toward Mitt Romney myself.

1 comment:

Prodigal Borough said...

Actually, those were hedge fund sophisticates, nobody knew anything about art...