Saturday, December 30, 2006

My 2 cents on James Brown

Much of the MSM has focused on the African-American community's mourning of "The Godfather of Soul" James Brown. But as I see it, the community that really cared most about James Brown was definitely the Summer Camp Highlights Video Montage Editor community.

Now, every time these Summer Camp Highlights Video Montage editors play "I Feel Good" on the soundtrack over shots of really fat and really scrawny kids playing in the pool and then a fat kid dancing, after having just had shots of athletic kids playing baseball with "Put Me In Coach" on the soundtrack, they will always shed a tear. Let's just hope John Fogerty holds on to dear life, for the Summer camp montage editors' sake.

p.s. This post came to me in a dream. AG and Tom were there, and they laughed, so I figure it's good, right?

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Nostradamus said...

This post is genius. Missed you at the dinner. Caption Contest at D-M