Sunday, January 07, 2007

This One's for Al

I was eating lunch with some of my fellow cruise-mates last week and the following conversation took place:

Classy Southern Lady (CSL): You know, I was on The Price is Right last year.

Dan: Oh wow, I bet that wheel was heavy, heh! Which game did you play?

CSL: I played the one where you guess the price of the car by moving the digits up or down 1. I was off by just a dollar!

CSL's Uncouth Southern Husband: Right before my wife went, this girl got to play Plinko- and she didn't know how the goddamn game worked! They had to re-film the thing four damn times.

CSL: Honey, please, we're at the lunch table.

CSL's Uncouth Southern Husband: I'm just saying, what a goddamn moron! Jesus Christ! Who the hell doesn't know how to play Plinko?

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