Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Delino SCOOP: Bush's State of the Union Address

Through some of our sources deep inside the White House, Delino got an advance copy of George W. Bush' State of the Union Address. Here is a look at the opening section:

George W. Bush: Good Evening, mah fellow Americans. Five and a half years have passed, but I want you to recall the horror of September the 11th, 2001. On that day, on that day 83 billion of our finest dollars were lost. They were good, decent, God-fearing dollars. Dollars like B39015717E from Chicago, and A41567843D from Boston. (tears are starting to well up in Bush's eyes) Dollars who coached basketball at the YMCA, who had dreams, who had families. With us here tonight are some of the victims' families - wife E95857763I from Richmond and her son, young E95834525I. Stand up, would ya? (cameras focus on the standing family) God, when I think of what those terrorists did, look at little E95834525I-ey, he's just a gosh darn kid... (the emotion is too much for Bush, he is bawling now) Ah can't... Ah just can't. (Cheney cradles Bush in his arms and rocks him to sleep, petting his hair all the while)


Mulatto Jesus said...

Looks like we were both right.

The People said...

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