Sunday, January 28, 2007

Britney's Chach

Location: Berger family living/dining room

Mom (looks up from New York Post): Hey Rich, what's the deal with that Britney Spears picture that everyone keeps talking about? They say she didn't wear underwear, but I'm not sure I believe that.
Rich (sitting on couch): Nope, it's true, I saw the picture.
Mom: Really? You think you can show it to me?
Rich: Um...I'd rather not. I think you get the idea. She wasn't wearing underwear and you could see everything. Isn't that enough?
Mom (now sitting at the computer): Well I'm gonna find it for myself then.
Dad (walks into the room): I just heard the end of the conversation, are you really gonna look for it?
Rich: Please don't...
Mom: This picture's got a star in front of it.
(Pause, Rich sobs silently)
Dad (leaning over Mom's shoulder): Oh wait, there it is, that's it right there. Well I guess they really did show everything, eh?
Mom (matter-of-factly): Yep, I guess they did.


I will NEVER mention or Mr. Hands to them. EVER. I hope they don't read this post.


Nostradamus said...

A master stroke, Rich; you've out-Danned Dan!

Nostradamus said...

And the tags! Mercy!

Eric said...

Does your Mom know about this website?

Beneficent Allah said...

We've got a couple of educated bergers on our hands honey! Where'd you put the anal beads?