Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A whirlwind tour of NYC with Cornelius VanderAL

Al came to New York this weekend for a night and we all had a grand time drinking, playing darts, and eating cupcakes.

Al informed me that now that he is a wildly successful poker player earning bucketfulls of money, he has decided to calculate his net worth not in Dollars but in Dan's Annual Salary (DAS).

He currently has 57 DAS. Whew, i thought it was worse. Only 56 more years to go and I'm caught up with you big guy! God bless America, this land of opportunity!


Anonymous said...

I always appreciate references to the patron of my estimed alma mater.

Mulatto Jesus said...

how much does he make in pubes?

Eric said...

Mulatto Jesus, king of the comment.

Love it.

What say you of Joe Biden's recent comments about Barack Osama?

Mulatto Jesus said...

Thanks Eric. I love your posts. Not sure if you were directing the question at me, but here is what I think...

He's fresh and he's new and he's got great ideas. I don't see how his comments could be interpreted otherwise, but this is politics. Obviously there are people who are people trying to make something of it today, but not anybody who knows Joe