Saturday, January 20, 2007

Overheard in My Elevator

(Elevator door opens on Dan's floor)
(Eight 14-year-old boys are standing in the elevator, giggling)
14-year-old boy #1: Remember when he squeezed his ass-cheeks?

(Dan enters the elevator. Dan giggles along with the guys, not wanting to interrupt a moment)

14-year-old boy #2: We were talking about Nacho Libre.

Dan: Cool, that was a good movie.

14-year-old boy #2: What the fuck are you talking about, that was a terrible movie.

Dan: What?No - I know it was a bad movie I was just trying to be nice because I thought you liked it.

14-year-old-boy #2: This guy thought Nacho Libre was a good movie

(Elevator doors open)
(Dan runs out into the night as fast as possible)


Beneficent Allah said...

You should have teased them about being virgins.

Mulatto Jesus said...

You were a virgin when you were 14, beneficent allah? Ha Ha.

Eric said...

This reminds me of an incident on the way to Madrid from Santiago de Compostela this past July when I got ganged up on by Noah, Tom, and Alex Nemser because I didn't think Nacho Libre was funny; or Shitpolean Dynamite for that matter. Not that I've seen either.

Dan said...

Eric, don't bother- Napoleon Dynamite is almost Nacho Libre-level bad, but not quite.

the actual rod said...

eric, you pulled nemser?